Edinburgh Fashion Festival - Part I - Menswear & Topshop Fashion Forum

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival


22. 07. 14.

SO this was going to be the first ever time I had attended anything at the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, and I was curious to see how it would go.
Edinburgh not being somewhere that you would necessarily always associate with cutting edge style, but more of a tea and bookshops/art galleries sort of place.

But I wanted to see if Edinburgh could prove itself as a place for style too.

The first event I attended was at the Assembly Rooms on Edinburgh's George St, and what a gorgeous venue it was! I had no idea that the Assembly Rooms could be so classy and beautiful (in my head it was mostly a venue for grungey bands and stand-up comedians).


The Menswear Salon Show



Pringle of Scotland
Common People
Walker Slater
Adriaan Kuiters & Jody Paulsen

It took place in the Makers Market section, which made for a more informal and relaxed atmosphere at the show.

I felt that the designers had gone in heavily on the 'hipster' vibe - with beards and strange artifact 'props' (old cameras and walking sticks anyone?) all round.

Oh yeah and Camilla - HRH Duchess of Cornwall (Rothesay) - was there too.

At the makers market, the brand that stood out for me was Prints of Paradise.

The girl at the stand who actually made the products was so so lovely, and patiently explained to me exactly how she got into printing t-shirts etc, and how they are made. I especially loved the collection of swimsuits.


After the event I went for a wander around the shops until it was time for the TOPSHOP event.

I passed by the MAC counter at Harvey Nichols and spoke to a lovely sales assistant about lipsticks (since I usually never wear them and am a bit scared of them really).
She picked out a lovely shade called 'Politely Pink', which suited my skin tone, and lip-liner called 'Hip and Happy'.

Then it was time for a quick coffee at Valvonna & Crolla Multrees Walk, before heading to the event.


Topshop Fashion Forum Event

Met with bubbly & cakes (provided by Love Crumbs) , we entered the store. I met lots of really interesting people there, including some fantastic photographers, fashion interns, male models and fashion bloggers. 

I had a good look around the shop of course, and there were about 3 items that really stood out for me: one aztec orangey pencil mini skirt (which, annoyingly, I can't find on the website - so must have been in the sale?), a Maddeline-style boater hat and a beautiful blueish dress (which my friend Lauren has and wore for graduation parties - she looks amazing in it!! Lauren, if you are reading, I may need to borrow it sometime ;) ).

Then there was the forum itself, with panel guests including bloggers Wendy from ThankFiFi, and Sheri from ForeverYoursBetty.

These passionfruit mini meringues were AMAZING.

After a fantastic chat with bloggers Tiny Fashion and Skittlis Fashion, I got to have a good long chat with Sheri (Betty) after her stint on the panel and met her business partner and blogging pal Claire from BeeWaitsForNoone - making the duo Betty & Bee.
Then I got introduced to Wendy (ThankFiFi) and Sinead (Wee&Twee).
We all went for drinks at The Newsroom for drinks (although a little disappointed that the only food that we could get was Kettle Chips)...

It was great meeting everyone and I'm excited see you all again :)

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival write-up is continued here: Crave Fashion Show.


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