Iceland: Take II (Reykjavik)

29. 06. 14  -  03. 07. 14

Day 4

We had breakfast in Vik with mini Danish pastries (and cute little sculptures in the hotel lobby) and then drove through Selfoss to a recently extinct volcano called Kerid.

Here's a photograph my sister took of me on the volcano:

After inspecting all the different lava rocks in a very nerdy fashion, we went for a hot chocolate at a cafe beside the road, near a river called Sog - which I thought was a hilarious name. They also had rather interesting sheep lamp-shades. Weird.

There was also a copy of the Reykjavik Grapevine, which proved really interesting reading on the way to Reykjavik after our hot chocolate and tea. (You can find the online version of the magazine here.) Some of the articles included: How to Swear in Icelandic.

First stop after dropping our things off at the hotel, was Reykjavik Roasters, which has won international coffee barista awards.
Somewhat unassuming and small, you might never know. Until you taste the coffee that is. It was pretty epic.

And these are the awards:

This girl had cool hair:

A taste/flavour wheel:

And the eponymous coffee bean roaster:

Then a little wander through the town before dinner.

Spark Design Space:

We passed by a lovely bookshop called Mal og Menning.

The Hamburger Factory (or Hamborgara Fabrikkan) was our dinner destination:

Day 5

First thing we went to the Harpa Concert Hall


There were several shops inside the Harpa Concert Hall including probably my favourite shop in Reykjavik so far: Epal.

A quick coffee and milkshake at the Laundromat Cafe Reykjavik.


The Blue Lagoon:

(a pic my sister took)

Heart It


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