Necklace review - Happiness Boutique - German Brand

I got a lovely email during Summer 2015 while I was in Bosnia, from a company called Happiness Boutique - a jewelry brand based in Berlin, Germany.

They asked if I would like to review one of their statement necklaces, so I selected one of the more simple ones - which was a gold chain with two interlinking rings. 

I am not usually really a jewelry person, but I found myself wearing this simple necklace rather often!

Here are some pictures - the packaging was really cute and cool!

Also if you are interested in buying anything from them, they offer free shipping and a customer reward programme - 

You can also enter the bi-monthly giveaway - 

Their website is:

Here they are on Instagram:





The other ones that I liked were:

and for something a bit different:

Hope you find something that you like!

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