The 3 x 15 List

3 things I’m looking forward to
✎ Deciding on my film dissertation topic
✎ Travels - going home, and also adventures in the summer
✎ My first pay from my new job
3 things I’m not looking forward to
✎ Deciding on my film dissertation topic (the proposal is due in March. I am still not really sure.
✎ My first essays of this year / getting previous essay grades back.
✎ Doing my laundry
3 things I like
✎ Sunny mornings
✎ Notebooks / Stationary in general
✎ The cold caramel flavour coffees that you get in the take-away lunch fridge section in shops and supermarkets
3 things I don’t like
✎ Student media meetings. / Pointless meetings in general
✎ One of my courses this term
✎ People who make me feel weird and competitive and lonely
3 things I want to do
✎ Talk to strangers more. Find a local cafe / shop and become friendly with the owner. Less big corporate zombie interactions.
✎ Read more, write more.
✎ Meditate? Yoga? Try to feel good in my body more. Maybe jog?
3 things i should do
✎ Write down everyone's birthdays in my diary
✎ Sort out my old photos / not-even-that-old photos
✎ Exercise
3 things i can do
✎ Make good guacamole (I should do this more!)
✎ Pick up on small things about how people are feeling (sometimes)
✎ Talk about politics
3 things I can’t do
✎ Organise what I will wear / my clothes / my admin
✎ Not worry
✎ Be without hugs from people I love
3 things on my mind
✎ Relationships
✎ The past
✎ The future
3 things I talk about a lot
✎ Uni
✎ Politics
✎ My past life
3 things i want:
✎ Lots of clothes that I can't afford
✎ To travel
✎ To smile and make others smile too. To be surrounded by love in a light and happy place.
3 things that make me calm
✎ Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry
✎ Baths
✎ Chamomile tea, or even better - this 'Scottish sleep tea' by Miss Integritea
3 things that stress me out
✎ The future
✎ People
✎ Not having a healthy eating / sleeping rhythm or routine
3 things I’m doing this weekend
✎ Going home to Edinburgh spontaneously!
✎ Maybe see my niece for her birthday
✎ Drink lots of tea and talk with my parents
3 things I have done this week
✎ Had a coffee with someone that I would like to be friends with
✎ Tidied my uni room a little bit
✎ Phoned my sister, which I don't do much

I got this list from Hjartesmil,who got it from Elsa
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