The 3 x 15 List - mid April 2016

3 things I’m looking forward to
✎ Summer, even though I am not quite sure what I will do yet
✎ My new university courses in September
✎ Submitting my essay
3 things I’m not looking forward to
✎ Going back to uni / general essay stuff
✎ Realising I don't have enough money to travel
✎ Getting grades back
3 things I like
✎ Tea
✎ Hugs - real warm and meaningful ones
✎ Sun
3 things I don’t like
✎ Stressy family things / over-thinking relationships
✎ Being poor
✎ The current government 
3 things I want to do
✎ Travel
✎ Have a pamper evening (or week?)
✎ Start meditation / yoga

3 things i should do
✎ My essay(s)
✎ Make sure that I have changed my address for everything
✎ Relax and reflect
3 things i can do
✎ Make coffee
✎ Talk alot
✎ (over) analyse stuff
3 things I can’t do
✎ Get to sleep easily
✎ Stop using Facebook (I would love to delete it, but have too many international friends etc + I am addicted)
✎ Drink too much milk right now - starting to think I might be lactose intolerant, but would really rather I wasn't. So I shall remain in denial about this.
3 things on my mind
✎ Too much stressy stuff (family, life etc)
✎ What I will do in summer
✎ Funding opportunities / applying for jobs
3 things I talk about a lot
✎ Politics
✎ Travel
✎ People
3 things i want:
✎ Lots of clothes that I can't afford
✎ To travel
✎ To feel relaxed and content
3 things that make me calm
✎ Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry
✎ Baths
✎ Chamomile tea, or even better - this 'Scottish sleep tea' by Miss Integritea
3 things that stress me out
✎ Relationships
✎ Money
✎ Life
3 things I’m doing this weekend
✎ My essay
✎ Going to the art house cinema (possibly)
✎ Booking transport back to London
3 things I have done this week
✎ Some essay (not enough)
✎ Went to IKEA, tried to make cheese, cooked dinner (aka - procrastination activities)
✎ Went to Lucas Ice-cream in Musselburgh (one of my favourite places, and reminds me of my childhood)

I got this list from Hjartesmil.
Heart It


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