Notes on things I did this academic year / things I discovered

I did a bunch of stuff.

Films I made


Brief: 5 min documentary

(my pitch is on prezi here)

London's Laundry from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

(Obviously there are issues with this, but it was ok given the circumstances.)

Brief: Portrait of a Location

Library - Documentary - Portrait of a Location from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

Brief: Observational Scene

Father John: Radio DJ - Documentary - Observational Scene from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

Brief: Interview

Interview from Oliver Prudence on Vimeo.

This was our first project - the audio is quite bad but a good idea!

Word Association from Oliver Prudence on Vimeo.

Creative Digital Arts

Brief: Creative film / art project inspired by an art exhibition / installation

Folio is here

Clanks, Screeches and Beeps - Creative Digital Arts project from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

'Belonging' - Film Art Installation - Creative Digital Arts Project 1 from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

Brief: Mini studio project (small version of final installation)

'Belonging' - Mini Studio Project - Creative Digital Arts from Catriona O'Sullivan on Vimeo.

TV Shows I made

Directed / Presented -

(I know it's not great, but it's not a complete disaster either! :) )

Coffee House Sessions - my role: director / producer / camera

(bad camera quality)

Dance I did

This year I got onto the RHUL Contemporary Dance Team.

I was part of 'Get down at RHUL' - here's a little trailer for it.

I will try and get a copy of the actual dance, and post it here when/if I can.

Radio Shows I presented

I still need to update my Mixcloud with the other 3 not bad radio shows that I did recently

This is a compilation of some bits of me talking about the arts for a demo for a reviewer job thing

Was nominated for the university awards - for best topical chat show!

(Sorry my face is really big here)

(want to focus more on guests next year. got a bit sloppy with planning and would like to try some OBs and the drive around thing and DJ and jail break)

Places I went

Soho to a Chinese restaurant called Taro (?)
GAY bar in Soho
Ministry of Sound
Global Radio
Germany - Leipzig, Weimar, Bechstedt
Explored Egham more
Edinburgh - Botanical Gardens for my mum's 60th birthday
Germany - Leipzig, Bad Blankenburg, Berlin
Brick Lane / Shoreditch
Peckham / Crystal Palace - London - to be a runner for a BBC politics show
Kings X
Hoxton / Columbia Road Flower Market
Notting Hill
Lots of nights out in Egham with the student TV people
Drinks and food at Southbank and Waterloo - The Cut (Young Vic)
Gullane beach - Scotland
Drinks and Asian food in Soho again
(I am sure I will remember more later)

Exhibitions I saw / Galleries visited

Tate Modern (more than once)
Pallet Paradise
ACC refugee
Whitechapel art gallery
Victoria Miro art gallery
Somerset House

YouTube channels / Publications I found and liked

The Pool
Hoxton mini press
Clara Henry
(will update this when I remember the stuff)

Music I found and liked

Rain sounds
Into Dust
Izzy Bizu
SJ Lewis

Films I watched and liked

Une Femme est une Femme
Le Mepris
lots of documentaries
I love Godard, and not a fan of Herzog

(next year I will take political cinema, documentary and geo politics on film - so lots more interesting films)

TV I watched and liked

Got even more into Frozen Planet / David Attenborough stuff
Strictly Come Dancing
Graham Norton
The Bridge
The Office (US)
The Great Pottery Throw down
House of Cards (Netflix)
The Bridge

More stuff I find interesting linked on my Twitter.

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