Vodka bar actually does a pretty good lunch in Edinburgh centre - Revolution

I had only ever been to Revolution on a few nights out in my late teens growing up in Edinburgh.
Fondly referred to as 'Vodka Revs' or just 'Revs', I had only associated it with strange flavoured vodka shots and pulsing house music.

However, they seem to have changed a little since then, and now boast a pretty decent lunch meal.

Revolution had asked me to come along to try out their menu (and, of course, write about how it was on my blog here), and I decided to bring along my parents as my plus ones (to treat them a little!).

One thing that struck me, was that I never thought that it would feel right to have my parents, or people my parents' age in Revolution - but it felt entirely normal! There were a mix of ages and types of people who were dining at the same time as us, and it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

(felt a bit awkward snapping away with my massive DSLR camera, so most of these are slightly less high quality phone pics)

Witty Menu

Somewhere between pub lunch and proper posh restaurant - it seemed pretty well-priced, with a good range of food.

The burgers were definitely more of a gourmet sort, and the mains menu featured items such as lobster ravioli, steak and various other slightly more 'up-market' dishes.

The ambience was relaxed, with what I could only really describe as electro-funk-style music in the background, not too busy - but certainly a good number of people as it got closer to 1pm.

The decor is pretty nice in there too, with some booth tables, as well as regular seating, and some real thought had gone into the design.

Our waiter was LOVELY - really cheery, upbeat, and funny. I think his name was Cal? (at least that's what it said on the bill, but I'm not sure).

I went for the 'Steak Frites' (steak and fries to you). My parents went for the lobster ravioli and the smokin' bacon burger.

The lovely woman who I was in contact with before (Katie) brought over a cocktail for us to try - which was totally unexpected and sweet. It was the ' Florida Hurricane', and had - from what I remember - vodka, sherbet?, and some kind of jam (bramble? blackcurrant?). Will check the photo I took of the menu, that had all the details. It was really good!

(more bad phone pics, sorry!)

Steak was great, really nice garlic butter thing on top, and I would recommend asking for the peppercorn sauce with it which was ace. My mum was very pleased with her lobster ravioli, and I had a try and must say that I would probably go for that next time! My dad's burger looked well enjoyed, although it had wotsits (like, the crisps) in it - which seemed quite random, but maybe it was part of the whole edgey gourmet burger thing?

I would recommend their house ketchup. Our waiter jokingly said he would give me £1million if I guessed the secret ingredient - which I am pretty sure is cranberry / chilli? But not entirely sure. Great with the chips!

Even though I was only allowed a plus one, and was willing to pay for the third person, they didn't charge me at all for them - which was a completely lovely surprise! (At least, I really hope this was intentional haha.)

Really nice lunch, would definitely recommend it and bring others there. Great for if you are in town already and fancy stopping off for a not-too-pricey-but-still-a-bit-fancy lunch, and a day-cocktail might finish it off nicely too! I really liked the look of the cocktail that was like a frappuccino, but with vodka in it? I think it was called the Heatwave Frappe? If anyone does try it, please do tell me how it is! I am dying to go back to get one.

Heart It


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