Making this space happy again

I have found that this blog has sort-of strangely turned into a source of stress rather than a source of happiness for me - so now it's time to turn it around!

I found myself feeling guilty for not finishing my weekly blogs about Bosnia - but that was last summer (2015)! And feeling bad about not writing enough about my recent trip to Japan.

It became full of lists of things I want to do, and putting pressure on myself to do more things - instead of just living in the moment.

I also tend to forget that sometimes people read this - and that it's not just a personal diary - even though, for me, in a way it is. I suppose then, I can call it a personal shared visual space. Or something.

But that makes you vulnerable - if people know your thoughts.

And I am trying to embrace this vulnerability, without being stupid or over-sharing.

Does that make sense?

Things to feel good about recently have been:

Being surprised with prosecco, a book, a tote bag and a beautiful apartment in Leipzig.

Japan and all the beautiful wonderful memories. I never thought I would want to go back, but I find myself craving some small Japanese things every now and again - and I become even more sure that I will return some day.

'Achieving' in a traditional sense of the word - succeeding quite ok in university, extra-curricular and work related things.

Meeting new and interesting people, seeing new and interesting places (parts of Denmark that are not Copenhagen, new parts of Germany [Dresden - and a beautiful hotel there!], seeing where my sister studied in Aberdeen, and of course seeing Japan).

Getting more positive and enthusiastic about learning new languages.

Seeing alot of my family.


I think maybe that's enough for now.

Right now I am sitting back home with a cup of tea. I am thinking about watching some Agatha Christie or something else cosy.

Tomorrow I will pack for the next adventure, and see what that brings.

Heart It


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