Off to Spain...

Next week I will be going off to sunny Spain to work at an outdoor activities camp for kids.
(Natuaventura) I am really excited, even though I know it will be tiring! I hope to learn (improve on?) some Spanish and understand some interesting cultural things, as well as getting some sun and nice food.

It is not far from Madrid, and I plan on travelling a little afterwards too.

We are not entirely sure where we will go exactly yet, and I am still trying to work out if some of my Spanish friends might be there when I am etc.

The general idea is to go to Madrid, then to the south to a beach, then potentially to Morocco, and then to Lisbon in Portugal. However, everybody has told me that the north is much nicer and interesting - but I am worried that it is alot more expensive. I am on quite a tight budget, so am aware that it might not be realistic to go to Morocco and Portugal.

Would anyone be able to give me some tips on this?

Just comment below or drop me an email.

I will be travelling from roughly the 16th of July to the first week of August.

For now, I will continue with packing and sorting out final bits and bobs - can't wait (especially considering that it's a very grey day here in the UK)!

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  1. Hi Cat :) I don't know about Spain & Morocco, but if you need tips for Portugal I would be glad to help (I'm half Portuguese)! Regarding what you said I don't think there's a big difference in prices between the north & south of Portugal, if one is more expensive then I would say it's Lisbon because it's the capital. As for being interesting, well.. the north, the center and the south are very different, they all have amazing landscapes and cities to visit that's for sure ;)

    1. Hi Ines,
      Thanks so much for your response/tips! Is there anywhere in the north / south of Portugal that you think would be worth visiting (places that are not Lisbon)? Thanks so much again, I really appreciate it!

  2. Oh yes, definitely! :)

    - PORTO is the second largest city in Portugal and it's worth visiting for sure. From there you can also take the boat to the Douro valley which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the landscape with all the vineyards is beautiful! Also Porto was elected Best European Destination in 2014 ;)

    - BRAGA is also a nice city to visit, if you're looking for something that's not on the seaside. It's one of the oldest cities and it has the oldest cathedral in the country. It's also really close to the Gerês National Park, which is the only Portuguese protected area that has been classified as a National Park.

    - SINTRA is really close to Lisbon and I would recommend going there if you are in Lisbon. It's a town known for its Romantic architectural monuments, it's like you're in a fairy tale! (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

    - SETÚBAL is a city close to Lisbon as well and that I would recommend too. It's right by the Arrábida hills natural park, the nature and the beaches there are amazing! (You can even take a boat to see dolphins)

    Then really in the south of Portugal you have wonderful beaches, I don't know that region as well but I know it's beautiful. Perhaps a bit more touristy, but it all depends on what you're looking for!

    And of course Lisbon is a beautiful city :)

    Happy to help, let me know if you have any questions!



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