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A few things that I've come across that I think you might like -


Fair and sustainable fashion blog
(more on the About section


Meditation article on Manrepeller

Exercise Inspiration on Manrepeller

Headspace app - website is herefind the app here

(I tend to retweet articles that I think are interesting on my Twitter)


The changer
(in German) but really cool stuff for people who want to change the world

A search engine that plants trees every time you search for something.


Eco clothing (Emma Watson has a line)

Dutch blogger
Dutch lifestyle website

Personal website of the creator of the Moderne Hippies (above)

I love these bikinis - can't wait for summer!


Jeanne Damas’ Guide to French Pharmacies & Beauty Products | Vogue Shops | British Vogue

Alyssa Lau channel
I love the whole channel - but here's an example -

French Pharmacie Skin Care Favourites - Lisa Eldridge

Isobella Films channel
Can't pick one film in particular, but she is on the same course at uni as me, and I really like her style.

Anything can happen 1 Wszystko moze sie przytrafic Marcel Lozinski 1995 (a documentary)

Soko Glam channel

I love the whole channel (Korean beauty channel), but this is a pretty good video -

The Ultimate Guide to French Girl Beauty | Allure

Indiana Sky channel
Again, somebody on my university course who has a lovely way of filming

La Madelynn
I love this gal -

Professional Wild Child channel
Just found this channel recently, and I really like this video:

Heart It


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