Favourites 07/02/17

Rosianna's cooking video
I watched this this morning, and I found it so beautiful. It spoke to me on a level that nothing had for a while. It isn't really about cooking. Well it is. But it's also about life and your brain and how to live in this crazy world where lunatics become president.
I will definitely be getting this cooking book, and would like to try to create content as thoughtful as this.

Short of the Week
Is  a website that shows more interesting and arty short films - have a look!

Skin Care
I have completely re-thought my skin care since around Christmas time, and throughout January have been trying some new things including Korean skin care. I will write a whole separate blog post on this - but in general my favourites so far have been Origins Original Essence, Simple Toner, and Mizon moisturisers.

Charity Shopping
Rediscovered charity shopping this past month - I have found a bunch of really nice (and cheap!) things in charity shops in Egham and Headingley (Leeds) so far. I have found a vintage camera, a cute wooden pot, a jacket, a cashmere jumper, a scarf and loads of books.

Zara Perfume
I was given the slightly dubiously named "Oriental" perfume by Zara I think a few years ago - or at least a while ago. I have loved it, often above my more expensive and fancy perfumes. Usually I don't even bother with perfume - just some not-too-offensive smelling deoderant, but if I was going somewhere a bit more special - I would use this Zara perfume. I realised that they still sell this so I got a mini version at the weekend for around £5. I really like the smell, although I wish they would re-name it.

Botanics pillow spray
I spray this on and around my bed before I sleep or even just around the evening time to relax. I really love it.
You can find it here

The Bowery in Headingley, Leeds
This weekend I was in Leeds, and I really enjoyed this cafe / arts space in particular. They sell arty things, coffee and run classes. What more could you want?

Sushi from Wasabi
Especially the Mixed Maki Sushi Set

The Super Greens and Reds Sandwich from Pret a Manger

Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 year olds on Channel 4
Started watching this again with my sister this weekend. It's absolutely hilarious.
Essentially its a group of 4 year olds (or 5 or 6 year olds), and they are all gathered together at a playgroup type area. Except there are cameras everywhere and there are two psychologists watching and analysing the action. They also get the children to do various tasks and it demonstrates some very interesting things for example with their idea of gender or rules or friendship etc.
Probably there are ethical issues there (remember - I'm a film student and over-analyse this stuff), that even though they have permission from the parents, the children don't really know what they are partaking in, but in general I totally love this programme.
My sister reckons that it demonstrates some obvious things that we already knew, so that the satisfaction in watching it is that it fulfills your preconceptions. That is probably partially true, although some aspects of it surprised me. It's not deeply scientific, but very interesting.
I think there are some episodes available on channel4.com (which used to be known as 4od), but there are also lots of clips on YouTube.

My favourite blog, as ever.

Flight of the Red Balloon (Le Voyage Du Ballon Rouge) (2007)
We watched this as part of my course this term. I really liked it.
Wiki page here

Montenegro's entry to Eurovision 2017
It is my favourite so far. So camp, so ridiculous, so Eurovision.
(It was also quite cool because I understood some parts as I understand a bit of Bosnian which apparently has some similarities?)

Reading Books (unrelated to my degree)
I've just finished Sue Perkin's autobiography Spectacles (review coming soon), and got a selection of 2nd hand books at a local charity shop recently. These include: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell, Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka, Underground Overground by Andrew Martin, Introducing Linguistics by Trask & Mayblin, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, Ludwig Wittgenstein by David Pears and Marxist Esthetics by Henri Arvon.

Fish Oil Capsules
I find that whenever I take this, my brain feels like it works better. Whether this is a placebo or not, I am keen to keep it up. You can get them quite cheaply from Boots or supermarkets. I take these ones.

Rick Stein's Long Weekends
If you don't know, he's a slightly older British chef, who specialises in fish.
The series is quite nice and relaxed, and he visits a town for a long weekend to eat and meet some locals. It's just light entertainment and I like to think about where I will go next. I particularly enjoyed the ones in France, Portugal and Italy, because I think that's what he does best. I found the Austrian (Vienna) one slightly odd (I thought there were some slightly old-fashioned approaches to women and the food didn't look great), and I quite liked the one in Reykjavik too.
They won't be on BBC iPlayer for long, and I think the first ones are already not on there anymore. There seems to be a weird new thing where you can buy them on YouTube - have a look here.

This Photography of Young People on Scottish Islands

This Harp & Dance piece
The composer used to be my harp teacher. I think I found it a bit strange (the dance part), but I think it does open up some interesting ideas about the physicality of music performance. I would love to do a dance and clarsach piece - but I think at times I was scared that the large concert harp would fall over. I think it might have worked better if the dancers had danced separately and occasionally gone over to the harp to play a short section before the other would take over. I don't think that the harp was particularly suited to being moved, but maybe that's just me being anxious and aware how much harps cost! Have a watch anyway.

Cinema for All
I love this idea.

ByMariandrew on Instagram
Thanks to Natasha for showing me this one

Heart It


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