3 x 10 list - February 2017

3 things I’m looking forward to
✎ The end of March, because that's when my university course classes end, but this is bittersweet. I have a mixture of nostalgia for something that isn't really over yet, melancholy and reflection, as well as the feeling that I can't wait to get out of here!
✎ Sun coming back into my life
✎ Reading my new books
3 things I’m not looking forward to
✎ Uni essays / uni work in general
✎ Applications for future things
✎ -That's it I think-
3 things I like
✎ Friendly people
✎ Charity Shops
✎ Nigella Lawson & Rick Stein cooking TV programmes
3 things I don’t like
✎ Constant bad news / stressful social media updates
✎ Trump (ofc)
✎ Very naive people
3 things I want to do
✎ Travel (to Cuba especially)
✎ Start going for morning jogs / morning yoga
✎ Go to The Breakfast Club in London

3 things i should do
✎ My essay
✎ Reply to emails
✎ Laundry
3 things i can do
✎ Find interesting finds in charity shops
✎ Over-think
✎ Touch my toes
3 things I can’t do
✎ Cook (because I don't have a kitchen right now - I just eat things from the university canteen or microwave-able things. Nice. I suppose this doesn't really count as a "can't do" - but I am trying to not be too negative about myself)
✎ Be in two places at once
✎ Change the world in one day
3 things on my mind
✎ Politics
✎ What to do after uni
✎ Relationships, friends, family
3 things I talk about a lot
✎ Other people
✎ TV
✎ Things other than my real worries / concerns / thoughts
3 things i want:
✎ Happiness and fulfillment 
✎ A small number of beautifully crafted quality things
✎ Good friendships - to have deep conversations over red wine and pasta
3 things that make me calm
✎ Harry Potter audiobooks read by Stephen Fry
✎ Candles, and my lavender pillow spray
✎ Chamomile and spiced apple tea (Twinings), or Earl Grey tea
3 things that stress me out
✎ Life
✎ Never-ending "to do" lists
✎ How much seems to be changing, and how much doom-mongering / apocalyptic chat seems to be going on. Makes me really anxious.
3 things I’m doing this weekend
✎ Not sure. I want to go to Italy but it's last minute and I shouldn't spend money. Will keep you posted.
✎ Hopefully not doing my essay which I should have finished by then
✎ Getting ready to go back to uni on the Tuesday (I have "reading week" [aka holiday] this week, and I don't have class on Mondays).
3 things I have done these past week  (s)
✎ Gone to Richmond and got some nice things, and sat in a lovely bookshop with tea and thoughts.
✎ Tidied my room
✎ Been to Leeds, to York, come back to London and been to my film theory class. 
I got this list from Hjartesmil.
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