More Favourites (detailed favourites mid-March 2017)

Pedro Costa

I went to see Horse Money by Pedro Costa at the Barbican and it moved me to tears. Absolutely wonderful. Afterwards there was a talk by Pedro Costa himself, and I found him so inspiring.

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Rosianna & Leena.

I have really been enjoying Rosianna and Leena's videos on YouTube recently. Mostly for their honesty. They remind me of some of my friends. Or me sometimes.




I want to be their friends slightly.

Focus Now  - app

My friend Amie recommended this to me and it sounds fantastic, but it's only available for Apple, and I have an android. If you have problems focusing - this one might be for you - it grows a tree, and if you click onto anything (eg Instagram, Facebook etc) the tree dies.
I would definitely download this if I had an iPhone.

Instagram Stories

I am obsessed. Instagram meets Snapchat.
My Instagram is here


Bob Marley's Is This Love - Remix - LVNDSCAPE & Bolier 

I heard this in GAP over Christmas time, and I really love this version

Rag & Bone Man - Live stream 

I watched this live in February, and it blew me away. Especially when he sang acapella. It gave me shivers. He is wonderful.

Ciao Adios I'm done

Heard this one in the campus shop, and instantly started looking up the only lyric I could remember -  "I'm not your number one" - and found it. It's really sassy and summery and basic but I love it. I was talking about it to my friend Dom, but couldn't remember the name - and he knew straight away that it was this. Obviously I'm not the only fan.

Tiger shop

I got a jar thing which is meant for holding toothbrushes but I use it to hold pens. It is the most wonderful teal colour and makes the best sound when you drop your pen back in. I love all the Scandi, cheap, but nicely designed things and could probably spend all my money there. But won't.


I love this shop. Their notebooks and pens make me incredibly happy with their simple design at a cheap ish price. I also love that smell that they have in the shops - a kind-of calming lemon-y scent. I recently bought a small brown hand-towel from them, and it makes me incredibly happy.

Charity Shops

Originally I was going to write about how wonderful charity shops are. But I have started to realise that it is more like an addiction of mine. I will post a whole separate post about charity shopping, but here I just want to say: I love the rummaging, I love the finding a bargain, but I don't love the creeping realisation that I may be a bit addicted.


My mum has always loved these. I remember family holidays to France as a child, and my mum getting very excited about ordering "Moules", and I honestly couldn't understand why you would want to eat that - although I was fascinated by the gimmick. Years later, I had my first bowl of moules in the South of France one holiday, late in the summer of 2014. They were home-made and were actually made with chorizo and tomato (unusually), and I did really quite like them. Then around a year ago (about March 2016 I think), I had a night out with some student media people to Loch Fyne in Egham. I was planning on ordering some traditional cod and chips, or even steak. But the moment I walked in the door, I could smell the mussels, and I can't describe what it was - maybe the combination of the garlic sauce and fish, maybe something about the sense of occasion - I honestly don't know. What I do know was that I was filled with an overwhelming impulse to order them even though I wasn't even that sure if I liked them. They were amazing. The sauce was perfect. A few weeks ago, when I went to see Pedro Costa's film at the Barbican, I was a little early and hadn't eaten much. So I decided to go to the French restaurant next door and get something small. I could smell the mussels again. They served a starter portion with fries, and it was perfect. They did however bring over a large portion...accidentally. Although I did wonder how 'accidental' it was on the waiter's part. It was so great. I'm planning to go to Loch Fyne in Edinburgh soon with my mum so that we can share in the fish love.

Feminist Gossip Blog

This article

and this

Earl Grey

Back to being obsessed. With a drop of milk of course.


It's really strange to realise that I've read Mariell's blog for so long. I remember reading about her adventures in London, her move back to Norway. I remember distinctly walking up the hill to uni and reading her post announcing that she was pregnant. I was so so happy for her! So strange considering we've never met. Now her daughter has been born and fully exists in this world. I love love love reading this blog. There is something very poetic about it, and mindful in it's pure joy in the small beautiful things in life.
These blog posts are some of the recent ones that I have really enjoyed.

Chocolate Caramel Mint Mentos

Another bad habit.
They are like a mix between after-eight / mint chocolate, and chocolate eclairs. They don't last long. I need to stop.

This website -

Book your restaurant table through this website and give to charity at the same time.
Woodcraft Folk is a youth organisation that I have been involved with since I was 10, and I wish I had been involved even earlier. They are all about peace education, and it is one of the best things that I ever did. I am so glad that I got the chance to be shaped by Woodcraft Folk.

Mark Kermode

He has always been one of my favourite film reviewers. Now, as I am drawing to the end of a film degree, I can see just how articulate, cine-literate, and nerdy he is. His criticism is accessible but draws on a long tradition of film theory and understanding, and a solid knowledge of film history and technique. It's wonderful. I love the way he expresses himself, and I find his commentary strangely relevant to my course at times.

London cinemas

Having been to the Barbican for the first time in my life a few weeks ago, I have realised how much I have been missing out. I had never even been to the BFI which is really close. I would love to go to Bertha Doc House (Curzon), try out the Imax, Prince Charles Cinema, and watch something again at ICA and Barbican. Any suggestions of quirky London cinemas welcome.

The Ordinary skincare

This all started with Fleur.
I then got a few bits from them, and have loved the way they work. Review to come.
I also really want to try

Nivea lip balm

This is one of those lip balms that just works for me for some reason. Slightly vanilla-y and still somehow thick even though its in a stick form (?) does that make sense? I have this with me at all times.

Rambert Dance Company

This company blew me away.
I love them.
I was working on a film project for them, and already super excited because I used to do so much dancing (mostly ballet), and I was really really excited to see rehearsals and to film.
Nothing could have prepared me for how wonderful I found the company to be.
Rambert is so diverse, creative and modern - and not just full of ballet robot zombies with exactly the same body. There is a real passion there, and a focus on the artistic development and strengths of each dancer. It is a small, perfectly curated company. It is also the oldest dance company in the UK, but still as relevant and creative as ever.

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It also ignited a rekindled love for dance in general in me, and I started watching rehearsal videos and doing small warm-ups of my own alongside them:

Pink 'Pretty Little Thing' dress

My friend Amie got me onto this website when I was trying to find a dress for the Student Radio Awards. (I got a dark navy slip for that occasion). All the things were cheap ish and pretty and a little different. I was obsessed for a while with this pink satin-y silk-y number for wearing to the Societies Ball, but the colour I liked best was a little more pricey than the other colours. So I just kept it in a tab on my computer for ages, and then finally decided to just go for it. I only realised afterwards that Amie has it in green. Oh well. It's chic and made me feel fabulous.

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I am trying to get into a good sleeping pattern, and after having a few very early starts - I am starting to tentatively slightly like mornings. I like the feeling of being awake before everybody else, and being productive with my day.

Carex Strawberry Laces Anti-bacterial hand gel

Antibacterial hand gel is one of those things that I just felt was un-necessary and for germophobes.  I wanted a good strong immune system! However, I have lived near London for almost 3 years now, and I have to say that London is categorically manky. It's really gross. If you go to central London, later in the day you will find that if you blow your nose, it's grey/black (sorry TMI but it's true). You slowly start to learn that real Londoners don't really touch the handrails on stairs or escalators, don't touch things un-necessarily on the Tube, and definitely don't eat on the Tube. As I would only go into London on occasion, I wasn't so bothered - but recently I have been going in more and more for various projects. On the way home one day on the train, a girl next to me was using a hand gel and it smelled really nice. I asked her where she got it and she said America (helpful.) - but I found that the Carex Strawberry Laces one smells pretty much the same. I've been using it after going on the underground, or before meals in central. Pretty handy. (ha.)

Yaddo Docs

Like Netflix but for documentaries

Instagram accounts
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Twitter for growing your mind

Lots of articles which I have posted on my Twitter (usually from The Guardian)

Strawberry Smints

Also been a gateway into strawberry Tictacs, cherry cola Tictacs and strawberry Extra gum...
A bad habit.


Some days we have seen sun here. It changes my perspective on life. It is the absolute best thing.
I honestly can't wait to feel more sun on my skin, and to enjoy the summer.
Sometimes I think that I should probably just hibernate.


I drink far too much coffee. Another bad habit. It helps to wake me up, but I think mostly it's about treating myself for getting up early. Perhaps it's also about having something to do with my hands, especially if I am walking somewhere, listening to a lecture, or at a meeting. It caters to the fact that I need to be doing lots of things at once to keep my brain busy and occupied.
However, too much caffeine isn't great, so I've been asking for de-caff more and more - and I've really noticed a difference in my stress levels, for the better.

These videos

 and Jo for being brave and reminding me that life is precious and to live it
(I have been watching Damon and Jo's language and travel videos for a while now and I really love them, so this hit home somewhat)

and lastly

Positive people that give me energy!

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Heart It


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