Getting back to more photo-based blogs (& blog archives)

Having most likely bored anyone reading this blog to death about my obsession with Hjartesmil, I am about to mention it yet again.

This time, because I have realised how much I used to enjoy making those posts full of large simple pictures, in the way that Hjartesmil blog does (of course I am nowhere near that level of photography, but it is without doubt what I aspire to).

Recently I have mostly been writing lists, random thoughts, things that I like. Essentially a stream of consciousness, or notes-to-self, which I do more for myself than anything. Sometimes I forget that people sometimes read this. Or rather, I think some part of me hopes that they don't.
Which of course makes no sense at all.

I get a sense of satisfaction with having my thoughts laid out in a way that pleases me aesthetically.

But recently they have been mostly word-led.

I love words, I find myself resorting to them often even when creating image-led art forms (eg. film).

Anyway, I wanted to think about what kinds of projects I can do which are more photograph-led.

The blog that used to inspire me the most when I first started this, was probably Made By Kate  although it looked a little different back then. I think I preferred the website design back then a little more too (it was the same template as this... ish kind-of). I also think I remembered the blog differently. Isn't that strange? If it were a book I would know for sure if I had remembered it wrongly, because I could hold the book in my hands, and turn the pages. With a website, or a blog, I have no idea what posts may have been altered or deleted. It's more difficult to trust my memory.
I also completely idolised her relationship with her fellow photographer boyfriend, and they even had matching blogs which were the negatives of each-other. (Hers was white, and his was black). I was like 19 or 20 ok? Give me a break. ;)

Anyway -
Here are some of her posts from the past that I really was inspired by:

I am still obsessed with this look and wish I looked more like her, but I think it's also just the way that the photography has been done.

This was basically me at every Halloween party between the ages of 18 and 21.

Other notable mentions:

I remember being OBSESSED with this

and this

and some newer ones...

I also had a look at my 'Blog Roll', which I don't know if this is still a thing or popular to do, but when I first set this blog up, it was fashionable to have a 'Blog Roll' - ie. a list of blogs that you like or follow.

The problem with this is that I, in case you haven't already noticed, get very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING and get a bit greedy. I want to follow EVERYONE, and collect EVERYTHING, and list ALL the things I like. A bit sort of all-or-nothing, or maybe a total lack of self restraint. Or inability to filter or prioritise. I don't know.

Some of the first / earliest blogs on there have probably changed a huge deal too, but here are a few that I remember being really infatuated with about like 4 or 5 years ago -
example of the posts from her that I read back then - 
I followed these ones regularly too, but it's more tricky to find their archive stuff.


Here are some of my old posts, from the "archive" (ha),  which are more visual-focused (although of course now I hope I could create something a bit different) - 

This is a post from 2013, although from what I remember it was slightly delayed. I think I must have gone to Amsterdam this particular time in the Spring, maybe April? Maybe earlier. Not sure. But I only posted about it in August.

Again I am sure that this happened in maybe June or early July 2013? (Yet only posted in August) This was a trip to Rotterdam.

This was probably my first really detailed review &  photography post. I was very proud of it. It was when I went to Copenhagen with my family during the summer of 2013 (August). I turned 21 while we were there.

Cuckoos Bakery
Another photo / review type thing, this time for an Edinburgh bakery. I remember the feeling well. The happiness of the summer was just beginning to wear off, the realisation that things were not going to be the same when I returned to uni that Autumn. I had just had my hair dyed back to brown too. (August 2013)

This was a trip to Middelburg with my new camera. I was happy about the pictures, but my feelings about the trip were complicated. (September 2013)

Sunset on Summer in Maastricht
Some views from my (then) new room, which was to be a disaster.
As was that term.
The title is almost as if I knew...
(September 2013)

Twerking in Antwerp
I was VERY proud of this post.
I ran away to Antwerp in Belgium for the day, and brought my camera for company. This was in October 2013 and things were falling apart, but I am still so glad that I made the decision to go to Antwerp when I should have been studying.

Autumn Leaves
This was when I was really starting to realise how wonderful my camera is. The light was gorgeous and I was inspired to go for a walk.
I had certain songs in my head and felt very odd and melancholic. This was also October 2013.

I will be writing more reflections on this time perhaps as I get closer to graduation here in London.



Because I hope to clear up this stupid messy 'Blog Roll' page soon (or delete it altogether), here is the list as it currently stands - for archive's sake - and if you are interested / have the time to look through a million random sites that I haven't explained...


MY TOP 30:


The Adamant Wanderer (it's in polish but you can use the Google translate button) - Nice recipes here!
A Beautiful Mess - one of my fave blogs of all time: really cute. I love this article in particular.
Dry Heels (Kuivat kantapäät) - A Finnish girl from my university (in the Netherlands) chatting about life
Stephen Fry's Blog
Cucina To - Italian organic food (and some interesting stuff (the story is here and here )
Cavolfiori a Merenda
Red Velvet Blue Moon - this girl is awesome
Hjartesmil - really really lovely blog from a Scandinavian girl living in London and gorgeous pictures - I love this portfolio in particular (perhaps my favourite blog of all time...)
BohoSojo - another girl from my University, with gorgeous photos and poetry and musings.
Urban Outfitters Blog (love this article with Alexa Chung)
NSMBL magazine (cool tourist maps)
Indisposable Concept - using disposable cameras to tell stories
Arty couple Made by Kate and Kamil Szalas - great photography!
Month Full of Sundays
Annika Backstrom
Call-me-cupcake and especially the photos from this recipe 
Girl in Menswear
School of Life
Anatomiaduszy-photo (i love this post)
Style Bubble
Restaurant Day - a great social-food initiative!
Annais - blonde norwegian girl documenting her very pretty scandinavian life
Cucina Digitale and Cucina Digitale - blog
Design Love Fest (which started up Blogshop )
Endlessly Enraptured

ok this makes 31, but whatever: 

Art & Photography
The Designer Index - A comprehensive international design database. (I am one of the correspondents)
The Tappan Collective
David Kitz on tumblr
Sean Ryan Pierce on tumblr
Larazankoul Photography - Lebanese self-taught photographer
Mariam Photography
Robby Cavanaugh - Fine Art Photography
Sarah Annloreth Photography (conceptual)
Katja Hentschel Photography
I Love Illustration
Ballerina Project - striking photography, nice idea!
Helga Ivanova Art
Snazzy Maps
Gagosian - artists
The Night Gallery (I love this concept - I want to set one up where I am! :) )
Emma Thorn - interesting photography
Cousin - the road is home
mirrors in the street
julia trotti
Miss fochbloguje
Rachelle Dunn
The Artful Desperado
It can be a Lover
French by Design Blog
Door Sixteen
Shanna Murray
Viviane Sassen
Branko Popovic's Blog - this guy is behind the International Fashionclash event in Maastricht
This is Central Station
Linda Lomelino
Vkrees Photography
Esra Roise
Amy Borrell
Les Archivistes
Logo News
The Phoblographer
Bleu Bird Blog (formerly Bleu Bird Vintage )
Jennifer Stroud
Viven Pictures
Laure Joliet - blog
Bloggy - art & politics
Le Fur Coat

Restaurant Day - a great social-food initiative!
Have a Yummy Day - especially this recipe
Hipster food
Cake Crumbs
The Food Club
Local Milk Blog
Dagmars Kitchen
Det Gronas Kafferiet
Made by Mary
Top With Cinnamon
Tartelette Blog
Cannelle Vanille
Mimi Thorisson
Nigella Recipes
Nicole Franzen
Blod Svett Och Svartpeppar
Restaurante Salero
Wanaka Goods
Bleu Bird Blog (formerly Bleu Bird Vintage )
Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

The Guardian Film Blog
Caffeinated Book Reviewer
New York Review of Books
John Watson Blog (from the Sherlock Holmes TV series)

National Geographic Intelligent Travel
Mr & Mrs Globetrot
UniverCity Maastricht - photography, events, articles based around Maastricht
Hipster Travel Guide
Hipsters in Paris
Patrizia Koenig's blog - nicely designed blog (US/Europe)

Poltics / Activism / Social / Peace Stuff / Hippie Lifestyle
Woodcraft Folk (tumblr)
The Ugly Animal Preservation Society
Casaleoltreconfine - Matteo - my friend blogs
Wanaka Goods
Love Foundation - project combining the arts and charity
Lisa Dupuy Reports
Moderne Hippies NL
Henry Tam - political writing (and other blog can be found here )
Viven Pictures
Project Wildthing - Wildtime
Restaurant Day - a great social-food initiative!
Policy Network
Bloggy - art & politics

Swedes Please - The Swedish Music Blog. I. LOVE. THIS.
Santai Music - cute folk-y group based in Maastricht
Stereomood - chill playlist
Dita Band
Fivrel Music
(more more music I like click here)

The Blonde Salad - a cute/rich Italian girl and possibly the most famous fashion blog.
Annais - blonde norwegian girl documenting her very pretty scandinavian life
Fashiontoast - another well-known fashion blog
I Love Wildfox
Style Lovely- My Daily Style
A Bit Coquettish
Kingdom of Style
Carolines Mode
Minis Martinis
Elsa Elle
Floras Devote
Making Magique
Le Fashion Image
Mode d'Amour
Antwerpen Streetstyle
Serge Denimes
Independent Fashion Bloggers
olgaoktawia - The Biscuit Factory
The Pickpocket
SF Girl by Bay
Angelica Blick
park and cube
cup of couple
kyklamasha - Fanny Lyckman - Victoria Tornegren
Fringe and Frange
Miss Pandora
Melon lady - I love this girl. Really bubbly youtube channel too.
Branko Popovic's Blog - this guy is behind the International Fashionclash event in Maastricht
Chiara Nasti and
Leila - Emmas Vintage
Lady Smart

Other (or just not put into a category yet... or possibly just too obscure to categorise)
One Girl and Her iPod - Edinburgh-based blog
Eleanor Turney
Luiza Sauma (her blog is here )
Leslie Kirchhoff
Elephants with Clothes - very kindly nominated my blog for a Liebster award
Sir Magazine (cute article here)
Motel Rocks Blog
How To Date a Hipster Blog
IndieDays (and the indie days most interesting section )
Dazed Digital
Another Mag
Tales of Endearment
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Bassedef blog
Fast Company
Nicolas Bordas
Le blog.wcie
Freunde von Freunden
Les Mads
Lucas Blalock
Jason Nocito
Lara Jade
I Love Fake Magazine
Childhood Flames
Brooke Shaden
Searching For Tomorrow
Miss Lucy Loves
Dream Sequins
Hipsters Have To Pee
Hipster Collective
Film Food and Photo
Siramamy Blog
Poppy loves
Mrs Lilien
Oh Joy
Oh Happy Day
SF Girl by Bay
Miss Moss
Penny Weight Blog
Sho and Tell blog
A Merry Mishap
Making Magique
Esme and the lane way
Nicolette Mason
Rhea Thierstein
Rosaspina Vintage
Vintage Prylar
Anna Elle
Elsa Elle
Something Elsie
114 westbourne road- my lovely Anna with lovely snapshots of her life :)
Artsy Abroad
Worship Blues
The Great Damfino

Heart It


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