Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It might be a little late, but here are some things which I think are great ideas for gifts (if you are not making your own of course!)

Some of these things are quirky, some of these things are just quite cute, not too big, easy to get and would be suitable for a large number of people.

Oh, but, if you are a family member of mine - you might want to look away now if you don't want to spoil the surprise! 

- Nose to Tail
I love love love this concept
It's a measuring tape which tells you what animal is that size at increments along the tape. (Does that make sense?)

- Accessorize small bags & star sign necklaces

- These cards by Jade Fisher for Christmas

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- This loose leaf tea (used to be called Miss Integritea, but now is a little less girly)

- This heated tea coaster in the shape of a biscuit 

- Subscriptions -
If you want to give the gift of a subscription this year, I would recommend the following:

It's a subscription where you get a different arty / odd / obscure magazine each month - usually very small publications which you can't find in the shop. It's really great for someone who is a bit arty and difficult to buy for. I've been subscribed since October and really really love what I have been sent so far.

A box of beauty / lifestyle related items each month. The boxes are always very pretty and its a great way to try out beauty bits that you might not have heard of and is a nice little treat each month.Some months you get to choose what the "main" item will be, or choose the style of box or whatever. I have been subscribed to this since November and have been loving it!

- The Body Shop advent to New Year
If you feel spluge-y then this might be an idea, it's an advent calendar full of Body Shop stuff which takes you from Christmas to New Year

- Quirky tea strainers
Amazon do a good selection 

This John Lewis Winter Spice Candle and Winter Scene Candle

- Little Black Book
I love this. It's cheap, pretty and genuinely helpful.
Read more about it here:

- Paperchase kitsch decorations

Heart It


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