10 Christmas Questions

Gingerbread or saffron buns?
(This list was written by a Scandinavian person)
I think I prefer cinnamon buns with cardamom.

Give or get?
I love love giving. I start looking for things in October/November so that I can find things that are genuinely suited to the person. I prefer small and meaningful over big presents. Of course it's always lovely on Christmas when you suddenly remember you get something in return!

Favourite christmas film?

This is difficult. Me and my sister used to watch all sorts of random films which happened to be on the TV like Father Christmas and Santa Clause and all those ones. But I can't pick out just one really. To be honest I think I prefer Christmas TV - like the Christmas specials of cooking programmes (ESPECIALLY NIGELLA) and we always watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special too. I used to really like Love Actually - but recently have been finding the gender politics rather difficult to watch.

Best christmas song?
I like "Driving home for Christmas" and as far as traditional Carols are concerned, I would say my faves are Good King Wensaslas and In the Bleak Midwinter. I also really like that one with the sort-of medieval recorder sound, I always forget the name. Let me look it up... 
I love all of Diana Krall's jazzy Christmas music.

Favorite scent related to christmas:

The tree obviously.
But I also love all these Christmassy candles, and the smell of mulled wine.

When do you decorate?

Usually the middle of December.

When is the tree allowed in the house?
The same time that we decorate. (mid December)

When do you open presents?
It used to be that me and my sister would get up super early and open our stockings together and then open EVERYTHING before breakfast. But now, usually me and my sister open our presents for eachother first. Then we will give our parents theirs, and then slowly open the rest. Then more family arrive around lunchtime and we do more of the same plus alcohol.

What is the best part of christmas?
Seeing peoples faces when they are happy with their presents, and the food.
Actually the food is probably even better.
List from Sandra.
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