Resolutions for 2019

15 Resolutions. 

1. Write a children's book

2. Read more. I finished 9 books this year, and started 16.
This year I want to try to read 25, although I would be happy with 12 (one a month).

3. Learn some more stuff about science.
I wasn't bad at science at school, but due to course choice, and my love of the arts, I didn't really do anything science based since I was about 15/16. I did do some slightly science-y subjects while I was at uni in The Netherlands, but basically I want to embrace my more science-y side. I think mostly this will be a mix of reading journals / magazines like Nature, and reading some science-based books.
I would also quite like to improve my maths.
Any recommendations are appreciated.

4. Move out into my own place. I've been at home post-graduation for a year and a half now, and I really just need to move on and live independently.

5. Get therapy and do Yoga

6. Build my core, muscle and fitness

7. Start Sketchbooking

8. Learn some languages. I haven't quite decided what ones I want to focus on this year, but probably French, Spanish and Arabic.

9. Work on expressing myself more calmly

10. Go out more (cocktails, parties, fun and nonsense). I've been living like a puritanical monk for the last 4 years or so, and I need to just enjoy my twenties and wear ridiculous jumpsuits and heels etc.

11. Be more selfish, and stop thinking that I need to put everyone elses' needs first. It's nice to be kind, but others don't NEED me as much as I think, and it's not my responsibility to make everyone else feel ok. (This is more to do with family than friends to be honest. With friends I mostly just need to get better at replying to messages).

12. Try to get into embroidery, and maybe make one item of clothing?

13. Try to see friends who live in other places 1-2 times a year, depending on where they live

14. Dress up more

15. Get back into music (playing & listening)

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