Wish List right now

Shoes & Clothes

Block heel suede, leather or velvet shoes (possibly with ankle strap)

I'm not sure where to find all of these, as many were found on Pinterest - so please do let me know if you have any idea where I can get my hands on these.

Clarks Ottowa Peak boots


Mountain Warehouse snow boots


Smoking jacket / dressing gown
(I recently have been watching a lot of Poirot and am just obsessed with these)

Rains jacket

& M&S Velvet underwear

Beauty / Fragrance

Glossier You Fragrance

Armani Si
(or the special edition red one)

Molecule One

Rouje lipsticks by Jeanne Damas



Audrey Hepburn earplugs (on Etsy)

Panama or Fedora Hat
(again I'm not really sure where to get these)


Silk Sleeping Mask from La Aquarelle

Leather Kanken


M&S Sleepy Head, Clever Clogs & Day Dreamer mugs

Oxfam Banana mug

'Save the Waves' Pela Phone Case 
(or plain dark green, or 'lead the way' in pink)


Soft night light

& T2 teas


Salad for President

Dining In

Cooking up Trouble


Our Women On The Ground

& Everything from Verso books

Heart It


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