Tickets Jar

Tickets can be some of the nicest keep-sakes from travels, or ways of keeping little memories alive - whether it was an amazing theatre performance, an incredible party or a life-changing train journey.

If something like this looks familiar to you, or exists somewhere in your bedroom:

Then you might want to try this idea for keeping and displaying old ticket-stubs.
All you need is an old jam jar, or even a slightly bigger jar, and pile them all in. It looks quite cool and I had a little nostalgia trip just putting each ticket into the jar.

Some of the tickets I found were:

- My High School Prom ticket 
- 'Waiting for Godot' theatre performance ticket that I went to see with my friend Lindsay and her family
- Train tickets to Wales, Sheffield and London 
- Verona plane tickets from a family holiday
-Ice Skating ticket from the Edinburgh Christmas Market in 2008, with high school friends
- Bus Tickets from the times I was in Italy
- Underground train tickets from Glasgow
- 'The Cherry Orchard' theatre performance that I went to see with my high school advanced English class
- Fireworks concert to end the Edinburgh festival 2009 with my friend Zoe and her family
- Gigs such as Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Vampire Weekend, Amanda Palmer, Wombats, Noah & the Whale and The Holloways
- So many Dutch train tickets that I don't think I can count them all
- Wristbands from the first club nights I ever went to
- Norwegian plane tickets from when I went to work on an organic farm in Stavanger

and so many more things that I won't bore you with them all - but each and every one has a really special memory attached to it.

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