Christmas Gift Ideas

Chocolate Medallions

Really easy and simple to do.
3 types of chocolate
Some dried fruit (cranberries are great!)
and some nuts (nibbed hazelnuts and flaked almonds are perfect)

For the packaging:
Greaseproof paper/ Brown paper
Normal String (for parcels etc)

Christmas Cupcakes

How to make Christmas Cupcakes is here

Other ideas that I never actually got round to:
-Hot Chocolate Bauble (get a plastic transparent hollow ball - like a see-through bauble - and fill with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, chocolate chunks and anything else that you think might be nice - and finish with a bow!)
-Festive Popcorn (maybe with cinnamon, sugar and cranberries?)
-Personalised Teas
-Personalised CD mix
-Origami Decorations
-Personalised Diary/Notebook/Travel Journal

If you fancy giving somebody a surprise, (or perhaps you don't care much for their carpet) you can always sprinkle glitter inside their Christmas card so that when they open it they are given a little burst of fairy dust into the air (and their carpet...).

I wrote about some other Christmassy ideas on The Designer Index website - so you can read that post here.

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