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I'm back home, and settling in for one of the nicest things ever:

Christmas in Edinburgh.

The increasingly cold city is gradually illuminated with tiny pin-pricks of light, even in the darkest and heaviest corners, and most unknown alleyways. A warm glow spreads infectiously across the dour bricks and cobble-stones, leading the few knitted-scarf-clad people who brave the chill, into the buzzing centre of town, like an overly festive treasure-trail. It is like watching Christmas lights tactfully scattered over the buildings by some nimble elf, who knows the town like the back of his hand, stealing through the night to bring the freezing cultural hub back to life.

The centre of Edinburgh looks just beautiful right now with the yearly Christmas market, fun-fair rides and ice-skating rink. But mostly my life right now is filled with tea, Christmas television and reorganising my room for the new year. Re-discovering all my favourite cafes and bars, and finding new ones, as well as looking at what new art-house films are on at the Filmhouse, and what art exhibitions are on at the moment.

(photo from @hannahnah19 on instagram)

There are a few things that I have already noted as 'must-sees' in Edinburgh right now, and I have only been back for a few days:

1) The Harvey Nichols shop window displays
2) Vivanne Sassen fashion photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (info here)
3) The new re-organised Christmas market (now some attractions on St Andrew's Square)

This Christmas might be a little different for me this year (visiting relatives in Glasgow instead of staying at home), but it nevertheless feels so great to be back with family again.

Christmas & New Year plans:

 (which I will do little blog posts on, and hopefully you can look forward to)

Santa Cupcakes
Rudolph Pretzels
Some culturally different Christmas treats (Italian, German, Scandinavian)
Home-made Christmas Decorations
Hot Chocolate Baubles
Knitting (mini bobble hats perhaps?)
Amaretto Hot Chocolate/ Hot Choc Deluxe
Snowflake Crochet
Christmas Cake
Chocolate nut bars / medallions
Winter Muesli
Winter pamper / bath ideas
Gift Origami / Packaging ideas
Gingerbread House
Winter Soup
Creative Mince Pies
New Year's Resolutions & awesome-stuff-that-happened-this-year jar
Sugar Champagne
New Year Lanterns
Chinese New Year - Fortune Cookies

I can't guarantee them all - but I'm going to try!

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