Things going on in my life at the moment

1. My mum bought a new sewing machine

2. Nairns cheesy oatcakes and tea

3. Starting to work for the Edinburgh Printmakers

4. Watching Wallander

5. Realising there are alot of books that I still need to read

6. House music

7. Edinburgh International Film Festival preparations and watching the films that are on at the Filmhouse before the EIFF

8. Photo editing is taking up too much time

9. I am starting to make short films and videos

10. Addicted (shamefully) to Made in Chelsea

11. Making a wishlist

12. Starting dancing again (at Dance Base or other places)

13. Starting to play the harp again

14. A moisturiser & cleanser that I got as presents. They smell like lemon.

15. Loving the sun and starting to get a tan

16. I am getting in contact with old friends again

17. The Edinburgh trams have started. There is also a new bus timetable and route change - which confuses me greatly. And there is a new bus near my house.

18. I'm going to Maastricht, Amsterdam, London and Iceland during June/Start of July.

19. I like olives now. After years and years of hating them.

20. I'm volunteering at and running a race tomorrow.


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  1. Hey Catriona! I've tagged you in a new tag: Slice of Adventure. Check it out, if you can do it then that'd be wonderful! x

    + Can I just say I love your blog :)

    1. Hey! Cool! I will have a look! And thank-you so much for reading it! :) x

  2. Lovely things on the go! That sewing machine is to pretty x You play the harp?? WOW!!!

    1. Thank-you! Yeah, I am not very good at sewing machines (yet!) and yes I play the harp & clarsach (a small celtic harp) :) - I was thinking about maybe filming some harp stuff for YouTube or Vimeo - but I think I am too scared! What do you think? x



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