The winter jackets are being dusted off again

Yesterday Autumn/Winter officially began in Scotland.

I know this because yesterday was the day we had to switch our central heating back on.

I seems a little absurd since it is still bright, and the sun peeks behind the clouds every so often - but the temperatures have dropped significantly.

I'm not particularly excited about 'The End of Summer', but at least it gives me an excuse to cuddle inside with a fleece-y blanket and a hot chocolate.

Which is a bit mad as it is still August... (for another day or so).

I have alot of books to read, a back-log of films, and lots of 'real life' things to sort out before leaving for the south.

Maybe I will start looking at getting a new cosy winter jumper while I'm at it....


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  1. I am so jealous! I am an American expat in Taiwan and we will be blasting our AC until November and still be dying of the heat/humidity regardless! I long for a proper fall with sweaters + scarves + hot coco!

  2. No way?! The grass is always greener I guess... Taiwan sounds really interesting though! I may have spoken too soon, because today we got this random hot sunny day out of nowhere (so weird!) - the weather has been verrrrry strange here lately. (I really like your blog by the way :) )

  3. Hi Catriona, we should definitely meet up for coffee or tea. There's tons of good places around London so we'll have no trouble finding a good spot. When are you moving?

    Joana x

    1. Hi Joana,
      Yeah I would love to! I am moving mid September (I haven't booked my transport just yet).
      What is the best way to keep in contact? :)



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