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5 things you got from the grocery shop this week (or two):
– Christmas presents (I can't say what they are right now)
– Chocolate
– Jumper and leggings from GAP
– Toothpaste
– Candles
5 episodes/films you’ve most recently seen:
– Despicable Me
– Despicable Me 2
– Nigella's Christmas Kitchen (all)
– Jamie's Ultimate Christmas
– Christmas University Challenge
5 products you’ve used recently:
– Arran Aromatics hand cream
– Bio Oil
– Macadamia Oil Hair Mask
– Yes toTomatoes charcoal face mask
– The Body Shop Nail Polish (Christmas nails)
5 plans for this week:
– Christmas food
– Wrapping last presents
– Lots of TV
– Boxing Day/ post-Christmas shopping?
– Board games
5 things you ate/drank yesterday:
– Toast with marmalade
– Costa Mint Hot Chocolate (it comes with a little candy cane)
– Tomato pasta and meatballs
– Chocolate & chocolate raisins
– So much tea
5 places you haven’t been but want to go to:
– Cuba
– Kazakhstan
– Israel/Palestine
– Budapest
– The Breakfast Club in London
5 celebrities you’ve seen:
– I think I have maybe lost count... will have a think about the 5 most famous ones...

5 things you wish you could do:
– Speak (more) languages
– Not stress
– Do Jazz improv on an instrument
– Talk about science in a very very educated and knowledgable research way
– See the things I can do, and not be constantly comparing myself
5 people I most recently followed on instagram:
– ntsonline
– creativescots
– kameracraft
– startingquarterback
2 expressions I use more than most people:
– You know what I mean?
– Sassy
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