Updates December 2016

Quite a bit has been going on. As usual.
(As I am sure it has been for everyone else too).

I've not done a blog in ages, but be prepared to be blog-spammed from now on-wards as I am now home for Christmas.

So here's an attempt at a summary of things that have been going on (since my last post on November 17th) :

- Stressed about my dissertation ALOT (I can explain the topic and stuff more if people are interested)
- Went to Aberdeen for my Uncle's birthday and ate alot of Chinese food
- Did some more work for Teach First (a pizza presentation)
- Had the final presentation / exhibition of the Global Leadership Programme (will try to post some photos soon), and got a lovely little glass award thing (in the shape of a globe!!!) and certificate.
- Handed in my dissertation after pulling an all-nighter (and am really unhappy with it but never-mind)
- There was a fire in the (grade 1 listed) building that I live in, which was very stressful, and I wondered about writing a whole separate blog post about this, but it would be kind-of "news-y" and not really in-keeping with this blog. Articles can be found here, here, here and here.
- Had another RH100 panel meeting thingy
- Had a bit of a break-down / existential crisis (which I am attempting to remedy now)
- Been obsessed with BBC Radio 4s "Late Night Women's Hour" with Lauren Laverne
- Mostly ate pizza and coffee, and too many snacks
- My uni department (Media Arts) is teaming up with Whisper Films which is super exciting
- Got my Royal Holloway "Passport Award"
- Re-thinking future career things

Exciting things include -

Being officially paired with a mentor on the Media Trust Transforming Hidden Talent / Queens Young Leaders scheme (I don't know if I can say anything about it yet.)

Seeing a deer on campus and also a waxwing

Getting letters / cards from lovely people

So now I am back home in Edinburgh, and I have some slightly boring things to do (finish off some uni course work, go to the dentist etc etc), but I am also really keen to get into a Christmas mood and pamper myself.

Today I had a lovely bath / shower / face-mask / manicure thing,as well as getting the Christmas tree in the morning. (We are waiting until my sister is home to decorate)

I plan on making a bunch of Christmas cooking/baking things, learning to knit better, finally sorting out my room, meeting up with old friends, going to the Christmas market etc.

If you have any nice Christmas food or craft ideas - please do comment below - I am always looking for things, and will probably stalk all over Pinterest after this (in case you were wondering - my Pinterest is here).

I've had a difficult time during the past weeks, so I am trying to practice positive self-care, be peaceful and do small things to feel good. I hope over the next weeks to post a few interesting recipes, gift ideas, thoughts, small trips, photographs and so on.

I want to take this holiday period to work on some things that I have to for uni (of course), but I also want to take some time out to reflect, and think about what I really want (in life).

My final university classes end at the end of March, and from then on (and before then), I have many choices to make (or think about). I have the Easter holidays in April (but are they really holidays when you don't really have anything you need to go back to?), and then the summer term is in May but I don't have class then, and since I am not doing a collaborative film project - I won't have any course work to do either. I will graduate early July.

I have been thinking both about place (ie. where?). and area of career/study (ie. what?), and slowly starting to realise that overly-bureaucratic and harshly competitive atmospheres are not for me.I will build up as much more of my folio that I can next term (radio, print journalism, animation, graphic design, writing in general, film, TV, and all other bits related to these), although I am still not entirely sure what I should do next year.I want to engage more in deep conversations, make food that I never thought about before, go out more, live, discuss, feel positive, exercise, jump and laugh. At the moment I am mostly a ball of stress, working too hard and not feeling joyful.

I've painted my nails gold, and hope that my mood will follow.

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