This week - likes and loves

Likes/Loves - 

Blogs -

I rediscovered this blog
(forgot how much I loved it)

As usual
I love all her writings and photos since their new baby

Looking for new blogs to follow over Christmas time, and especially foodie ones! Please do link me in the comments, or link your own! I have more time on my hands at the moment and fancy curling up with tea and some blog reading. Does anyone still use Bloglovin' ? I think I sort-of forgot it existed so might get back into that.

YouTube channels I am obsessed with right now -

Damon and Jo
A duo who are super good at languages and travel alot. I actually learned quite alot already from them, they are pretty good teachers. Been mostly watching the French videos.

Miss Fernandez
An ex-Emirates Air Hostess, with some really funny/interesting stories

A Scottish Booktuber, who isn't as well known as - for example - Jean (Bookish Thoughts) - who I also love. I like that she doesn't go over the top in the way she presents, just really normal and relaxed, and I trust her book judgement.

Christine (as usual)
She is my absolute favourite always.

Instagram -

This is a person who cuts the beards of homeless people, it's a really lovely idea.

Not sure what I think of her in general, but her feed is very pretty, and I wish I could pull off red hair!

Again, please do let me know about any interesting Instagram accounts. To be honest I probably should unfollow a bunch of people as I follow waaaaaaaaaaaay too many people on Instagram right now - but oh well. I just love seeing visuals from other people, and I don't care that much if it makes me look stupid. (My Instagram is here by the way)

Food -

Whilst doing my dissertation, my cravings / snacks were:
Chewits, Reeces Peanut Butter cups, Starbucks cold caramel macchiato, cola bottles, lindt chocolate star thing (xmas), chipsticks (throwback), french fries salt and vinegar, curly wurlys etc

Since coming home, I have made a chutney, which is amazing and I will post the recipe soon.

I am trying to be healthy - not in a "only vegetables" way, as it is Christmas afterall - what I mean is having some sort of balance. Eating at normal times, having a mix of veg and non-veg (haha), and not eating a-million-and-one chocolates and coffees per day (as I was doing this term).
Real healthy will come in the new year (maybe).

As basic as I am - I love all the Christmas coffees/lattes/hot chocolates

Also - Chamomile and Spiced Apple herbal tea (I think it's Twinings?)

and Nairns cheesy oatcakes

Will keep you updated on various Christmas food things that I get stuck into.

Beauty -

Sleek lip stain in red (my friend Hannah recommended and I am now obsessed. Super cheap, super good)
Macadamia Oil hair mask (throwback to when I had really bleached hair, I used this all the time, but have recently re-discovered it)
ALL OF THE FACE MASKS (I use a Caudelie one and Elemis one right now [I probably spelled those wrong], will do a cheesy beauty blog post soon on what I do skin-care wise)
Hand cream. I am really into hand cream right now. I had some leftover from last Christmas from Arran Aromatics, but have also been using a Nivea one too.
Christmas manicures, because why not?!
Bio oil (or knock-offs)
Carmex cherry flavour lip balm
Pantene pro V smooth and sleek shampoo/conditioner - especially the conditioner
Coco White coconut oil for your teeth (will post about this too. I really should make a list of things that I promise to blog about ha.)
Just about to try out SkinnyTan for the first time, so will let you know if that one's a keeper.

Other - 

Christmas candles - I've got a spiced apple one right now, but I saw that Tesco do a bunch of cool ones like Mulled Wine and stuff - so I am keen to try them. I think people underestimate how much smell changes your mood.

Diana Krall's Christmas album - If you've ever watched Nigella's Christmas Kitchen...

Cheesy Christmas TV (I literally just highlighted the Radio Times)

So there you go. An insight into my brain right now.

Heart It


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