3 x 10 list April 2017

3 things I’m looking forward to
✎ The Mark Kermode talk and Slavoj Zizek / Will Self talk which I have tickets for
✎ My student loan money
✎ More sun 
3 things I’m not looking forward to
✎ Actually getting on with my last uni essay
✎ Job rejections (probably haha)
✎ - that's it - 
3 things I like
✎ Earl Grey
✎ Candles
3 things I don’t like
✎ The stressful hunger games that is the world of work/internships right now
✎ Stressy social media groups which feel very competitive
✎ Negative news and click-bait-y titles
3 things I want to do
✎ Go to Cuba, Argentina, Barcelona, Milan, Paris (again), and Vietnam
✎ Sit in the sun and read a good book
✎ Start creating more (craft things, making clothes, podcasting, painting, dancing etc)

3 things i should do
✎ My 2 essays
✎ Reply to people
✎ Save money
3 things i can do
✎ Care about people
✎ Think creatively
✎ Make good pasta
3 things I can’t do
✎ a handstand (yet)
✎ the maths questions on University Challenge
✎ Save money (I will try to get better at this)
3 things on my mind
✎ Jobs
✎ People in my life
✎ Money
3 things I talk about a lot
✎ Politics
✎ Silly stuff (memes about University Challenge, cat videos, Summer Heights High videos)
✎ Food
3 things i want:
These embroidered heels
✎ To feel relaxed
✎ Sun
3 things that make me calm
✎ Spanish guitar music / jazz / Getz & Gilberto's "Girl from Ipanema"
✎ Lavender & Vanilla
✎ Small practical tasks like laundry or folding things
3 things that stress me out
✎ Rush hour London
✎ Constant notifications from Facebook groups
✎ The future
3 things I’m doing this weekend
✎ Relaxing
✎ Packing?
✎ Not sure
3 things I have done this past week
✎ Applications
✎ Walks in the sun, eaten outside
✎ Sorted out personal admin stuff (zzz)
I got this list from Hjartesmil.
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