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Restoration Yard
This cafe in Dalkeith Country Park (near Edinburgh) is really cute and has a lovely shop attached. It also has the best hot chocolate ever (according to my niece and nephew).

Yottam Ottolenghi is a chef who I have only recently discovered, but I got into his stuff after this video by Rosianna. I am really keen to get one of his books soon. (Maybe Nopi or Plenty)

There is a Lakeland behind our local Dobbies Garden Centre, and I just love all the random things that you don't need but somehow really want. The things that I liked in particular were:
Easter pasta
this la cafetiere coffee  & espresso cups
this la cafetiere teapot 
pasta maker
and this pepper mill

Olive oil & garlic pasta

Reading in the sun
It's no secret that I love the sun. It's really satisfying to just sit outside, be peaceful and read.

I've started to get back into magazines again. More because I don't read "fun" or trivial or pretty things in print anymore. I just sit on Pinterest or read things online. I only usually read physical printed things if they are books or newspapers. I've decided that there is a real pleasure in just flicking through something light and beautiful and enjoying the feeling of the pages between my finger tips.

Simon Reeve
Been watching his documentaries on Turkey and Australia and they are really good.
His website is here

Organising / Tidying
Spring is here, time to sort out my life.
It feels strangely satisfying to throw out things that have been dragging me down, things I don't wear or use.

Their sunny little faces are popping up everywhere and I feel like doing exactly what they do - turn to face the sun.

I would really like to get some Hasami ones like these, these and these.

I love candles. This isn't new.
However, I have recently found the best value candles are at Semi Chem (I got one of those massive ones in a nice jar - which Yankee Candles charge like £20 or something for a very similar thing- but this one was about £3 or £4 in Semi Chem, but I can't find it on their website.) and Tesco do these £1 candles in different flavours which last quite a while and are nice smells.

Plug in air freshener
I have a really nice smelling one in vanilla from Airwick

Embroidered things

Neals yard
Geranium and orange hand cream

It's coming to the UK and makes me very happy.

Les Hommes
I was listening to BBC Radio 6 the other day and really liked this band, and loved the way that the interview was handled.

Poetry vid by Leena

Next doors dog and the local cat
My nextdoor neighbours have a new cockerspaniel puppy, and it's really cute. Also I have befriended the local cat, which is very friendly even though I prefer dogs.

Zizek & Will Self / Mark Kermode
I recently got myself tickets to a Slavoj Zizek and Will Self talk (two of my favourite nerds), and tomorrow I will get myself (hopefully!) tickets to see Mark Kermode (who is my favourite film reviewer ever).

My new bottle
It's by Nathan Sports, hopefully will make me drink more water.
I bought this one in the colour "cockatoo" - but I got it in the sale at Craigdon Centre so got it for about a quarter of the original price.

Aperol spritz
I had my first Aperol Spritz of the year (outside, I think I may have had one inside in February). It is one of my favourite things about sunny days in European cities.

Osprey bags
My sister just got one and now I want one too (naturally). (I think it was this one in "real teal")

Oranges in salad
I learned this from my friend Paula, who used to say that she liked to have colourful salads. As it starts to feel (a little bit) like summer, I am enjoying making nice summery salads and adding little orange / tangerine / satsuma / clementine segments (can somebody tell me what the difference is?) into salads.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona soundtrack
I love this

Heart It


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