Chic Weekend.

A Weekend full of chic.

A weekend through instagram / (bad) phone pics.


A bar in Stockbridge and then an interesting experience in Francos chippy...


- for brunch (french toast with bacon was amazing)

some shopping...

St Giles Cafe (used to be cafe Florentine) for a coffee

Then late in the day....

TukTuk Indian Street Food
- was great! Nicely priced - and the butter chicken was amazing!
(they even have a photobooth!)

Panda & Sons
A short queue in the rain before entering perhaps my favourite bar ever.

A bookshelf functions as a door to enter the bar...


The menu is a book...

Then a quick look in at The Lucky Liquor Company and then a very loud Bar Soba.

A 'Candy Crush' cocktail served in a pink teacup by a brilliantly camp 'mixologist' at Bramble and then home time.


Henri's Stockbridge
for a tasty brunch of sandwiches with amazing bread and a good coffee in the morning sun.


A beautiful weekend for many reasons - and so many new places discovered in my home town!

Now for a week full of fun, filming (summerhall TV), sun and Edinburgh festival preparations...


Heart It


  1. This looks like such a lovely weekend and I'm very envious! :)

    I’ve nominated you for the lovely blog award!
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